Most of the functionality needed for a GigoBooks MVP (minimum viable product) is done. There are just a few ‘big’ things left. Here is the list of features for the immediate/short-term future:

‘Soon’ (July/Aug 2020)

  • Financial reports (profit and loss, balance sheet)
  • Print/export invoices to PDF
  • Cross-platform testing and fixes

Then, here is a list of things I’ve got scheduled for afterwards:

Later (Aug/Sept 2020)

  • Tax/VAT/GST report
  • GigoBooks PE; Bundling into a COTS package for selling
  • Other regulatory reports (if any ??)

And a list of things for ‘everything else’ (which is a bit murky and uncertain):

Everything else

  • Financial report: cashflow (??)
  • Internationalisation (i18n) (ie. other languages) and localisation (l10)
  • A screen to list unpaid invoices and unpaid bills (??)
  • Other transactions such as ‘Pay dividend’, any others?
  • Other stuff (??)

Note that these lists are indicative, not exhaustive. They only lists ‘big’ things and don’t include bug fixes nor small bits and pieces here and there. Also, since this is a prospective, forward-looking roadmap, things may (and probably will) change.